Human Resource Solutions

Support your staff while maintaining compliance

Employee Handbook

Best practices for successful staff management encourage agencies to use an Employee Handbook compliant with federal and state laws.  Employee Handbooks assist your agency with communicating important information about your mission, vision and policies, as well as important benefits to staff.  A Handbook helps you provide messaging to staff on expectations and conduct, often decreasing staff turnover and liability.

Job Descriptions

Each job position in an agency should have job descriptions detailing to whom they report and outlining tasks and responsibilities.  The Academy can provide you with customized, agency-specific job descriptions for all staff.

  • Provide a full understanding of job duties and responsibilities
  • Set expectations for performance
  • Assist with hiring and orientation
  • Great for both established and newer agencies


Performance Reviews

The Academy can provide Performance Reviews tailored to your agency and job positions.  Includes a personal consultation.

  • Easy, consistent formats for staff reviews
  • Consistent with job descriptions
  • Provides and encourages opportunity for staff feedback
  • Comprehensive, user-friendly format


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