Agency Branding

Logo and website development for new and existing agencies and independent providers

Website and Logo Design & Branding Packages - The Academy can assist independent providers with logo design, as well as developing a website to help potential clients find you.


Why do independent providers and agencies need a brand with logo and website?


You’ve invested in becoming an independent provider or agency. Now what?  Websites are easier and more affordable than you think!  Let The Academy assist you with logo and website development to help potential clients find your services with a simple google search, day or night.


Benefits of a professional logo and website:


·      Professional Appearance - A logo and website adds credibility to you and your business.  Many potential customers won’t engage with a provider who does not have a website for fear they are not a legitimate business or provider.

·      Attract New Customers - A website helps you attract new customers.  Increase your visibility and reach to those who might not find you otherwise. 

·      Ease and Speed of Contact - A website allows potential customers to contact you directly and easily. Your contact information is easily found, and customers can send you an email directly from website.

·      Separates You from Your Competitors - You will stand out with a professional and polished brand logo and website listing your services, versus the bland website of a competitor.



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